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My name is Nikki and I have been making cold-process soap in the beautiful

Pacific Northwest since 2009. My company, Chamomile Jane, is based out of Eugene, Oregon. I am committed to sustainability and use high quality, environmentally friendly ingredients which I primarily source from local suppliers who also practice ethically. My soap is vegan and palm oil free.

It is made in small batches and blended using only pure essential oils,

all of which you can feel good about. 

I believe that there is something simple and healing about cleansing ourselves.

When we take a moment to relax, recharge and rejuvenate from the fast-paced demands of life, we give ourselves the gift of self-care.

This act of renewal creates a foundation for a more vibrant and healthy life.


It is my mission to give you that gift of pause by inspiring an intentional bath time routine full of pure, soapy goodness. Treasure yourself and allow for that reprieve. You deserve it!

Let's wash those cares right down the drain, shall we?

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