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My very first hello...

Hello friends, curious soap lovers! I am so glad you are here. In many ways, I feel I am just a baby on this journey of soap making and selling, even though I made my first batch in 2009. In the earlier days, soap making was a hobby; also a useful, beautiful gift that I have bestowed on friends and strangers alike. I love good soap. (And by GOOD, I mean, the bars that are lovingly made with care for what goes into each one. You know? The stuff of the earth). With the loss of 2 jobs in Sales in two years due to layoffs and the pandemic, and the closure of schools (Mama here!), I decided to pursue this passion of mine to a greater degree. I am so happy that I did.

I love what soap stands for and means to me. It represents a new beginning. A restart or refresh in some way. A washing away of the old and welcoming the new. A reprieve. It amazes me when I think of it like that. It means slowing down, even just for that one shower or bath; to appreciate the pause and let it all go.

I am grateful you are here on this journey with me! I look forward to growing alongside you.


Chamomile Jane

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Rosalind Biggs
Rosalind Biggs
Sep 14, 2023

Love your soap so much and am giving this set to my best friend for her birthday. Look forward to seeing you.



Feb 12, 2023

Nikki, is it possible to place an order, shipping to Abilene, TX? Either the 3 bar or 6 bar variety pack?

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